8 Reasons Why You Should Consider Geotab ProPlus

Fleets using the Geotab open platform for fleet management have a choice of four different rate plans: Base, HOS, Pro, and ProPlus. This article focuses on Geotab ProPlus and the plan’s benefits.

What Is Geotab ProPlus?

ProPlus is a Geotab rate plan that offers the greatest functionality and supports the higher data usage of several high-data IOX integrations and Active Tracking. With the ProPlus plan, available worldwide, fleet managers are now able to manage their vehicles in a way that was not possible before. In addition, the limited lifetime warranty offers added value.

Why Would I Want the ProPlus Plan for My Fleet?

Here are a few reasons that ProPlus could be the right fit for your fleet.

  1. I want to integrate other types of asset tracking devices such as cargo temperature monitoring systems into my telematics devices.
  2. I need a highly accurate, live view of vehicle progress.
  3. Our fleet wants to reduce speeding and idling, so we need to use advanced driver coaching tools to reach those goals.
  4. I want to protect our investment with the limited lifetime device warranty.

ProPlus Plan Benefits for Fleets

ProPlus provides all of the capabilities of previous plans such as compatibility with our web-based software reporting platform, custom reporting functionality, accurate GPS tracking, and much more.

Along with all the benefits of other plans, ProPlus offers:

  1. Limited Lifetime Device Warranty — In the event of the failure of a GO6, GO7 or newer device, or if the network on which the device operates no longer provides adequate coverage (as determined by Geotab), Geotab will replace the device with one that provides the same level of functionality free of charge if:
    1. the device is on ProPlus at the time of failure*; and
    2. the device has not been tampered with.
  2. Geotab Roadside — Free roadside assistance is included for light-duty vehicles located in the U.S. and Canada, with a fleet-wide** subscription to the Geotab ProPlus plan. Read a comparison of the different types of fleet roadside assistance here.

geotab gotalk in-vehicle driver coaching solution

  1. Active Tracking (Optional) — A premium tracking solution that delivers high-precision location information (see Active Tracking FAQ). Read how Active Tracking is helping fleets keep first responders safe.
  2. Integrate with Marketplace Solutions — Sign up for ProPlus to integrate with fleet-specific solutions such as Mobileye, Valor temperature tracking for reefer trucks, or tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS).

geotab marketplace logo

  1. Engine Data — Fine-tune fleet maintenance and safety programs with critical engine data like total fuel used, idle fuel used, RPM, Check Engine light, Engine faults, and driver and passenger seat belt (where supported). Build and monitor fleet rules for engine diagnostics and issues or engine misuse. Read why diagnostic GPS tracking is better here.
  2. Support for IOX Expanders — Extend the value of your Geotab GO device by adding on Input/Output Expanders (IOX) for Garmin, substance spreader controllers such as IOX-DJ DICKEY-john®, IOX-CRS Cirus Controls® SpreadSmart Rx®, IOX-COMSPREAD Rexroth® Compu-Spread®, IOX-FAM FORCE AMERICA® 5100ex etc., Iridium satellite, USB charging, or an in-cab buzzer. Read more about IOX expansion technology.
  3. Full Garmin Features: At the ProPlus level, fleets have full integration with their Garmin devices, including Garmin Messaging for two-way communication with drivers and route dispatching, along with Garmin HOS compliance. Read more in Sabina Martin’s post: 5 Tools for Optimal First Responder Fleet Vehicle Tracking.
  4. Advanced Driver Coaching (GO TALK) — Cut down on unsafe and costly driving behaviors with GO TALK in-vehicle verbal feedback. Target activities such as speeding, idling, driving in reverse or seat belt usage.

geotab gotalk in-vehicle driver coaching solution

Where Can I Find a Comparison of Rate Plans?

To see a complete comparison of all Geotab rate plans and features included, please go to our MyGeotab software page.

Reseller FAQs

Below are some common questions and answers regarding the ProPlus rate plan:

How Do I Activate ProPlus in MyGeotab?
There are several methods for activating ProPlus, either new device order, manual upgrade through MyAdmin, or automatic grade.

New Devices and Manual Upgrade:
Resellers can order devices on the ProPlus plan or upgrade devices to ProPlus via MyAdmin (My Devices > Activations).

If a device is on the Base plan, an upgrade to Pro or ProPlus must be requested by the customer. No auto-upgrade happens from Base to Pro or from Base to ProPlus.

Enabling the Active Tracking feature in MyGeotab will initiate an auto-upgrade an account to ProPlus. Using high-data IOX Expanders (such as IOX-ANALOG, IOX-CAN, IOX-COMSPREAD, IOX-DJ, IOX-HID, IOX-RS232, IOX-USB with data) will also activate the ProPlus rate plan. Whenever a high-data IOX is plugged into a GO device on the Pro plan and data is transmitted, the device plan will auto-upgrade to the ProPlus rate plan.

How Does Billing Work?
For Geotab Resellers, there is a one-time, two-week trial period for any device switching to or being activated on the ProPlus plan. This means that any device using the ProPlus plan for the first time will be billed at Pro plan rates for two weeks (fourteen days) before billing is switched to ProPlus rates. Once the trial period expires for a device, that device will be billed at the ProPlus rate.

Note: If you switch a device plan from ProPlus to another plan during a trial, it will end the trial period. Switching the same device back to the ProPlus plan will begin the ProPlus billing rate, foregoing any trial period.

Where to Find More Info

If you are a fleet manager or business owner and would like more information on Geotab or ProPlus, please contact your Authorized Geotab Reseller to get started.

*Subject to Geotab’s verification of any device switched to the ProPlus plan from Base or Pro plans.
**Standard rates apply for servicing Medium-Duty and Heavy-Duty vehicles, and for Light-Duty vehicle services exceeding the complimentary services listed above.

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